How to determine the installed SharePoint version

When you are thrown into a project with pre-installed MOSS servers, it’s always good to know if the latest service packs and hot fixes are installed. But how do you quickly determine the installed SharePoint version? Well, it’s rather easy. Start the SharePoint Central Administration application.


Select Operations

Select Operations

Select Servers in farm.

Select Servers in farm.

Notice the servers version numbers in the list of servers

Notice the servers version numbers in the list of servers.

Here’s a compilation of the known version numbers for public CU. Read this blog post: All about updating WSS v3 and MOSS2007.

MOSS 2007WSS 3.0DateVersion
KB2760570KB2760571December 201212.0.6670.5002
KB2687533 KB2687535October 201212.0.6668.5000
KB2687330KB2687331August 201212.0.6665.5000
KB2598129KB2598130April, 201212.0.6661.5000
Service Pack 3 KB2526299Service Pack 3  KB2526305October 24th, 201112.0.6606.1000
KB2553022KB2596540October 201112.0.6600.1000
KB2544398KB2544399June 28th, 201112.0.6562.5000
KB2512782KB2512783April 201112.0.6557.5000
KB2475885KB2475886February 201112.0.6554.5000
KB2412267KB2412268October 201012.0.6548.5000
KB983310KB983311June 201012.0.6539.5000
KB981042KB981043April 201012.0.6535.5000
KB978395KB978396February 201012.0.6529.5000
KB977026KB977027December 15, 200912.0.6524.5001
KB974988KB974989October 27, 200912.0.6520.5000
KB971537KB971538July 15, 2009
June 30, 2009
KB968851KB968850April 20, 200912.0.6504.5000
MOSS 2007 Service Pack 2 (KB953334 , KB968170)April 21, 200912.0.6421.1000
WSS 3.0 Service Pack 2 (KB953338, KB970359)April 21, 200912.0.6421.1000
(KB961756)March 6, 200912.0.6341.5002
(KB968269)February 27, 200912.0.6341.5001
(KB961749, KB961754, KB961750)February 24, 200912.0.6341.5000
(KB963022)January 27, 200912.0.6336.5002
(KB961176)December 19, 200812.0.6336.5001
(KB960011, KB959637, KB960311, KB959644)December 16, 200812.0.6335.5000
(KB958569, KB957693, KB958567, KB957691)October 28, 200812.0.6331.5000
(KB956056, KB956057)August 26, 200812.0.6327.5000
(KB956248)August 7, 200812.0.6324.5001
(KB955586)July 23, 200812.0.6324.5000
(KB955593)July 21, 200812.0.6324.5000
(KB955144)July 11, 200812.0.6323.5000
(KB953135)June 26, 200812.0.6320.5000
(KB953484, KB953473, KB953471)June 5, 200812.0.6317.5000
(KB953138,KB953137)May 29, 200812.0.6316.5000
(KB952704)May 20, 200812.0.6315.5000
(KB952294, KB952288)May 8, 200812.0.6314.5000
(KB950487)March 27, 200812.0.6308.5000
(KB950280, KB950292, KB950279)March 21, 200812.0.6307.5000
(KB949955, KB949956)March 17, 200812.0.6304.5000
(KB949402, KB949399)February 27, 200812.0.6304.5000
(KB948957)February 22, 200812.0.6303.5000
(KB948945)February 21, 200812.0.6303.5000
(KB941274)January 31, 200812.0.6301.5000
(KB941422, KB941653, KB942819, KB945089, KB944710)January 31, 200812.0.6300.5000
MOSS 2007 SP1 (KB936984, KB942390)December 11, 200712.0.0.6219
WSS 3.0 SP1 (KB936988,KB942388)December 11, 200712.0.0.6219
(KB943076)October 9, 200712.0.6042.5000
October public update12.0.0.6039
August 24, 2007 hotfix package12.0.6036
(KB939654, KB939599, KB939592)June 29, 200712.0.6028.5000
(KB939077)June 24, 200712.0.6027.5000
(KB938537)June 12, 200712.0.6025.5000
(KB938535, KB938536)June 11, 200712.0.6025.5000
(KB938182)May 31, 200712.0.6024.5000
(KB937904, KB937901)May 25, 200712.0.6023.5000
(KB937208)May 15, 200712.0.6021.5000
(KB936877, KB936867)May 8, 200712.0.6020.5000
(KB934793)April 12, 200712.0.6017.5000
(KB932919)February 26, 200712.0.6010.5000
(KB931636)February 6, 200712.0.6007.5000
MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0 RTM12.0.4518
MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0 Beta 2 TR12.0.4407
MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0 Beta 212.0.4017

21 thoughts on “How to determine the installed SharePoint version

  1. Great for your post! Very Helpfull.
    Could you tell me if the lastest cumulative update will contain all the other one. For exemple, if I missed the tree last CU on my Sharepoint Farm, do I need to install the tree or juste the lastest one.

    Have a nice day

  2. Very valuable information when you’re dealing with versioning issues between your SharePoint solution provider and your hosting company.
    Thank you !

  3. I’m in need of using our server management tools to look across our enterprise and identify instances of SharePoint installations and their respective versions. What would I look for to tell me if, 1)SharePoint is installed, 2) SharePoint is operational, and, 3) which version is running on the Windows Server?


  4. The version number format appears to be different. Mine reads I only see 12.0.xxxx.xxxx in the list. Does that mean I am extremely out of date?

  5. Thanks for info. Just came across this, but did not have access to Central Administration. So I found another way to find the version number:

    Go to “Add or Remove Programs” list, select software, and click on the link “Click here for support information.” That gave me the version number (RTM) for an installation I had trouble with. Not sure if this version number will be updated by service packs, but if service packs are listed in “Add or Remover Programs”, they should have their own info, either in filename or their own support information..

    Might be worth mentioning, as it helped me, but YMMV..

  6. ..and then click “Show updates” checkbox in “Add or Remove Programs” to see if a patch has been applied..

  7. Is there an update coming for this page? I would like to see SP2010 info and this link is the highest rated on Google search for this topic. 🙂

  8. Your backup is from a different version of Windows SharePoint Services and canno t be restored to a server running the current version. The backup file should be restored to a server with version ‘’ or later. any idea pls

    Thanks in Advance

  9. Nice info, Thanks for sharing.

    Is there any way to find sharepoint version through client machine e.g ( Windows 7, 8…)

  10. @Niyaz, the SharePoint version is also present in the response header. But this is not as accurate as the method I described here. The response header can also have been removed on purpose by the SP admins.

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