Android Studio and Flutter: “this and base files have different roots”

If you encounter this error in Android Studio, and you have your source files in a different folder than the Flutter installation, you’ll have to move that Pub Cache folder to the same drive.

Move the folder located in C:\Users\<YOURNAME>\AppData\Local\Pub\Cache to the other drive. E.g. E:\src\Pub\Cache (or where ever you prefer)

Then set an Environment variable called PUB_CACHE to point to that new folder.

You might have to do a cache repair using:
flutter pub cache repair

Picked up a pair of Amigas

The result of opening a bottle of wine on a Friday evening and browsing to eBay… Unlike the A1200, these are relatively cheap. To my surprise they are both in excellent condition for being 30 years old. Both with unbroken warranty seals! That leaves me with second thoughts about modding them with the latest Kickstart ROMs and CF HDs