How to install VNC on Beaglebone Black

Beaglebone Black

A short step through on how to install VNC on Beaglebone Black.

Step 1.

SSH into your Beaglebone.

(Or whatever your BBB IP address is)

Step 2

Install x11vnc.



 Step 3

Start the VNC server



 Step 4

Create a script file to make life easier to start the VNC server.

Add this to the file:

Save the file using commands Ctrl+o press Enter and the Ctrl+x.

Make the script executable:

Execute the script:



2 thoughts to “How to install VNC on Beaglebone Black”

  1. Hi

    I understand these frist step, but how i get to open the screnn and seen my beaglebone desktop? thanks four your anwser…

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