Upcoming books on Windows Phone 7 development

Reading a book about Windows Phone 7 development is a great way to get you started on developing on the Windows Phone 7. Here is a list of known upcoming books on the subject.


Beginning Windows Phone 7 Development

by Henry Lee
Published by Apress.
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Pro Windows Phone 7 Development

by Rob Cameron
Published by Apress
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Windows Phone 7 Game Development
by Adam Dawes
Published by Apress
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Windows Phone 7 Unleashed

by Daniel Vaughan

Published by SAMS



Learning Windows Phone Programming

By Yochay Kiriaty, Jaime Rodriguez

Published by O’Reilly

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Programming Windows Phone 7
by Charles Petzold
Published by Microsoft Press
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Windows Phone 7 Application Development (Developer's Library)
by Corey Schuman
Published by Addison-Wesley Professional



XNA Game Studio 4.0 Programming: Developing for Windows Phone and Xbox Live (Developer's Library)
by Tom Miller, Dean Johnson
Published by Addison-Wesley Professional



Beginning Windows Phone 7 Application Development: Building Windows Phone Applications Using Silverlight and XNA
by Nick Lecrenski, Karli Watson, Robert Fonseca-Ensor
Published by Wrox



Professional Windows Phone 7 Game Development: Creating Games using XNA Game Studio 4

by Chris G.Williams, George W. Clingerman
Published by Wrox

SharePoint 2010 cumulative updates

SharePoint 2010 cumulative updates

This table summarises the know SharePoint 2010 cumulative updates.

Release Date Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Version
August 2012 KB2687355 KB2687353 14.0.6126.5000
April 2012 KB2598321 KB2598151 14.0.6120.5000
October 2011 KB2596508 KB2596505 14.0.6112.5000
June 2011 KB2536601 KB2536599 14.0.6106.5000
April 2011 KB2510639 KB2510639 14.0.5136.5002
Service Pack 1 (SP1) KB2460058 KB2460045
August 2010 KB2266423 KB2276339 14.0.5123.5000
June 2010 KB2028568 KB983319KB983497KB2281364KB2124512KB2182938

(Japanese only)

How to simulate the SQL WHERE IN clause in a SPQuery

Simulate a WHERE IN clause in a SPQuery

If you ever have used something like


in T-SQL, and wanted to mimic this functionality in the SharePoint SPQuery class, you probably have found out there is no IN statement in the CAML Query language.
So what do do? Here’s a way to simulate WHERE IN clause in a SPQuery statement.

One solution is to use a LinQ query that looks something like this:

However, this has a serious performance problem. Because the .AllItems property will do a full T-SQL select all items behind the scenes, it can get very slow if you have thousands and thousand of items in your list.
It do look elegant, however.

Another way is to build up a CAML query that does an OR statement for every item that you have in your list of values.
Essentially, you will have to build up something that looks similar to this CAML query:


Notice that the CAML syntax for multiple OR statements is a little bit odd. You would at first glance think that is would look like this:

But this will throw an error. You will need to have nest the OR statements within each other.

For this purpose I have written a small helper method that will build the CAML query for a given list of values in a List of strings.
You call it like this:

The first parameter is the field that you want to comapre on, the second parameter is the type (“Eq” makes most sense in this scenario), and the third parameter is of List of strings.
Here’s the code for the helper method: