Information about my DreamColor display

I just wanted to post this information about the display I have in my HP8730w. It’s a DreamColor display, and it seems that a few people have had problems with a red shadow in the lower left corner. I, however, don’t have that kind of problem.
Here’s details about my display:

Manufacturer: LGD
Description: LP171WU5-TLB1
Plug and Play ID: LGD0169
Manufacture Date: Week 21, 2008
EDID Revision: 1.4
Display Type and Signal: Digital
Timing Recommendation: 1920x 1200 @60Hz
Screen Size: 370 x 230 mm (~17”)
Display Gamma: 2.20
Red Chromaticity: Rx 0.640 – Ry 0.330
Green Chromaticity: Gx 0.210 – Gy 0.710
Blue Chromaticity: Bx 0.150 – By 0.060
White Point (default): Wx 0.313 – Wy 0.329

HP LG Display Information

How to restart the File Transfer Manager

Maybe you, as I, download a lot from MSDN or Microsoft’s Connect web site?

In that case I’ll assume that you are rather familiar with the File Transfer Manager. But how do you restart it without having to go thru the steps of browsing to the web site and click a download link?

Well, it’s rather easy. Open up an Explorer Window and type this path in the address bar:

%systemroot%\Downloaded Program Files

Start the TransferMgr.exe executable

Or, open a command prompt and do:

> cd %systemroot%\Downloaded Program Files

> TransferMgr.exe


If you want a shortcut on the desktop you can, from within FTM, click Options->General->Application Startup and put a check in “Place application shortcut on the desktop”.

Hope this helps.