How to do a redirect on an article page in Community Server

So, you have written an article that you have moved to somewhere else.
To keep all links working from search engines, you want to redirect that article page to the new location.

Open up the article in Edit mode, and click on the HTML button.

On the very first line, add this code:


That’s it!

Getting the Webhost4life Application Firewall Alert error message

Well, just when I thought I was thru with strange error messages on my Webhost4life account,
I suddenly got this error message when I put up a link for download a zip-file:


That’s not nice.

Since I previously have had success turning off their Security Guard feature,

I immediately went in to the control panel and turned it off this time also.

And it worked this time also. So if you want to have download links on your Webhost4life account, please turn off the Security Guard feature.

Following up on the Re-mapping the universe GUI

The well known, at least for us geek’s, technology used in the movie Minority Report, which enables one to control and manipulate the user interface with your hand movements. Perceptive Pixel showcased their technology with this video (Direct link):

Read the full article.

Microsoft has also some ideas on how they see this technology evolve. They call it the Microsoft Surface technology.


And now, the latest contenders in this fascinating technique is Cynergy Labs


You can watch the demo video here.


How to data bind a ToolStripComboBox

Normally, the ToolStripComboBox doesn’t have any properties for data binding. But you can still data bind this combobox with the method I describe here. Since the ToolStripComboBox hosts a Control that inherits from ComboBox, you can type cast to a ComboBox and do the data binding.

In this example I will bind the ToolStripComboBox to an ArrayList which consists of objects of the type ColorTypes.

So, lets get started. First create the ColorType class:

Second, in the Form that hosts the TollStripComboBox, create an ArrayList of the objects. In the Load method, cast the ToolStripComboBox to a ComboBox and do the data binding. And finally, in the SelectedIndexChanged event for the ToolStripComboBox, type cast to a ComboBox and read out the SelectedValue property.