Getting PayPal IPN posting to work with Webhost4Life

After setting up an aspx page that accepts IPN postings from PayPal on my domain, I got this error when trying to post IPN data:


The remote server returned an error: (999) No Hacking


Well, I didn’t have this problem with my previous hosting company, nor when trying on my local IIS web site. So I contacted Webhost4Life, on their live chat support. That didn’t help much. But I finally found the solution.

It turns out that Webhost4Life has a functionality called Security Guard. Turning this off for my sub domain did the trick.

You will find the Security Guard in your Control Panel, Security section.

This is a screen shot of the Webhost4Life Control Panel, where you can turn off the Security Guard.

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One thought to “Getting PayPal IPN posting to work with Webhost4Life”

  1. What can I tell you… Thanks a lot!

    You rock.

    I encountered the same stuff when trying to syndicate an RSS from Community Server, and while Webhost4Life support are OK for trivial tasks, they are pretty much clueless when thinking is required.

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