How to hide the status bar in iOS 7 using Xamarin Forms

In order to hide the status bar, one has to add 2 properties in the Info.plist file.

Edit the file and switch to Source view.

Add an entry named UIStatusBarHidden and set the value to true.

Add an entry named UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance and set the value to false.

The UI editor will translate these into Status bar is initially hidden and View controller-based status bar appearance respectively.


How to install VNC server on Raspberry PI

This is a short note on how to install VNC server on Raspberry PI.

Raspberry PI B+
Raspberry PI B+

Step 1

The VNC server is not installed by default in Raspbian, so first install using apt-get:

Step 2

Make a script file to start the VNC server:

Enter the following:

Save the file; Ctrl+o , Enter and the Ctrl+x.

Step 3

Make the file executable:

How to install VNC on Beaglebone Black

Beaglebone Black

A short step through on how to install VNC on Beaglebone Black.

Step 1.

SSH into your Beaglebone.

(Or whatever your BBB IP address is)

Step 2

Install x11vnc.



 Step 3

Start the VNC server



 Step 4

Create a script file to make life easier to start the VNC server.

Add this to the file:

Save the file using commands Ctrl+o press Enter and the Ctrl+x.

Make the script executable:

Execute the script: